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Why Branded Gifts


Promotional branded gifts are an excellent way to keep your brand visible, make it memorable and deliver increased familiarity with your brand. It is also an extremely cost-effective form of marketing that is affordable and delivers good results over an extended period of time.

At Ambella, there is such a large choice of promotional gifts to choose from that can be branded, it can be hard to pick just one!
Brand association is important for any business. You do not want to plaster your brand on an item that does no good for it. That is why, at Ambella, we only source the best products. We receive our items from local and international sources.

The reason for this is that we aim to offer the best and most extensive range of corporate promotional gifts in South Africa. However, we also believe that local is lekker, and so we have a range of Proudly South African gifts.

We believe in supporting local communities who contribute to our economy and therefore, have a positive impact on all aspects of South African life. Some of these local items include gorgeous cuff links for a special client, or a magnificent bracelet, both of which contain a pattern with our beautiful Jo’burg skyline.

We also stock corporate clothing, which offers a wide selection, from formal workwear to casual tracksuits. These items can be easily branded to suit any corporation or company.

Our other items include funky and handy Apple accessories, such as iPad covers, and other tablet covers. The beauty of these is that, with so many people using their tablets for all aspects of their lives, from work to personal contexts, you’ll be giving a gift that is an utter success and hit, no matter who the recipient is. Plus, as people take their tablets with them wherever they go, your brand will be out there.

Furthermore, we have different ranges of promotional products for men and women, so that you can customise a gift a little bit more, in order to impress a client.

Our gifts for men include awesome items such as pocket knife sets, Casablanca wine sets, and any tool he could ever possibly need when it comes to braaiing.

For women, we supply special pamper sets, bling memory sticks, and beautiful cheese sets to make entertaining a breeze.
We also have a category specifically for our discounts and specials. As we love to give back to our clients in every way, we offer these items at a reduced price, so that you can get even better return on investment.

Promotional branded gifts are extremely popular – everyone loves a gift, no matter what the occasion is. According to the Promotional Product Professionals of South Africa, 87% of recipients of a recent survey said that they kept their gift for more than 12 months. That is why corporate promotional gifts make sense.