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Corporate Clothing Items

Corporate Clothing | Corporate Clothing Supplier | Ambella Corporate Clothing

    • Your brand is your company's identity and what better way to showcase your brand than with promotional merchandise that is both practical and aesthetic.

      We have a wide range of corporate clothing items, from workwear to tracksuits that can be customised with your unique brand.

      Ambella offers a wide range of clothing for different personalities, occasions, settings and seasons. Whether it is corporate clothes tailored to enhance your professional appearance, vibrant and stylish pieces for the style conscious, ready to wear casual items or active sportswear tailored to outdoor activity, you have come to the right place.

    • Corporate Clothing | Corporate Clothing Supplier | Ambella Corporate Clothing

    • Corporate Clothing | Corporate Clothing Supplier | Ambella Corporate Clothing
    • We have a large range of corporate workwear, ensuring that you will be able to find the ideal piece of clothing to suit anyone. However, this does not mean to say that we stock just any item. We supply only the best quality clothing from local and international sources, and so we manage to perfectly strike the balance between offering variety and yet still remaining selective.

      We have corporate clothing designed specifically for men and for women. This will give your gift, no matter what kind of clothing it is, a sense of personalisation, and this will go a long way towards enhancing the image of your brand in the mind of the recipient of the gift.

      There are many settings and contexts where corporate workwear can give an event a stylish edge. Team building occasions can be enhanced with uniform, practical, and fun apparel for all involved. Similarly, with all staff showing off a branded jacket, display stands at expos can help your business and brand to stand out from the competition, and actively work to bringing in more revenue.

If you love a good game of golf, not only for the sport, but for networking too, then you can purchase golf shirts here and have them uniquely branded, so that you look smart while representing on the golf course.

In addition, we stock a range of more casual clothing, from tracksuits, to T-shirts. After all, corporate clothing is not just about having your work team wear the brand. The more people who represent your company with a fashionable item, and the more contexts that these items are worn in, the more exposure your business will get.

According to the Promotional Product Professionals of South Africa, a recent survey has revealed that a massive 84% of respondents to the survey said that corporate and promotional gifts improved brand awareness for a company. When you think of the cost of promotional gifts, like corporate clothing, the return on investment can be immense if implemented well.

This begs the question then – if you haven’t tried corporate gifts for brand expansion, why not?

Corporate Clothing | Corporate Clothing Supplier | Ambella Corporate Clothing