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Corporate Gifts | Corporate Gifts Johannesburg | Ambella Corporate Gifts

    • An office can either be an exhausting space or it can be fun, comfortable and homely. For the latter, elevate your employees’ and clients’ offices with useful items to enhance the convenience of the office space by bringing in great corporate gifts for them. These great items include computer and tablet support products, electronic storage devices, stationery and so much more. 
    • Corporate Gifts | Corporate Gifts Johannesburg | Ambella Corporate Gifts

    • Corporate Gifts | Corporate Gifts Johannesburg | Ambella Corporate Gifts

    • Corporate gifts are not just for colleagues and employees, though; they’re suitable for anyone in your work environment that you feel deserves a little recognition, or whose business you would like to retain.


    • At Ambella, corporate gifts are what we do best. Our range is extensive and all of our items are manufactured from high-quality materials. When investing in executive corporate gifts, we all want these items to stay with the recipients for as long as possible, to ensure the highest possible return on investment, yet this can’t be done if the products themselves are not built to last.
    • Corporate Gifts | Corporate Gifts Johannesburg | Ambella Corporate Gifts

With our corporate products, you need not worry that you will be associating your brand with an article that is not worthy of the name of the business. Our products are carefully selected from local and overseas sources so as to ensure that our clients receive their money's worth.


We stock a range of popular and commonly-used gifts, such as lanyards, pens, and other handy stationery supplies, as well as some items that are a little different and creative, such as bling memory sticks and items for casual and sports use.

Common promotional items make excellent gifts in many contexts, such as at expos. These events can often be overwhelming for those that visit them – brands can start to meld into one, so you’ll want to give potential clients an item that will differentiate your brand from the rest, and items like pens and lanyards can be just the ticket.

These items are almost always put to good use by those that receive them, and so prospective customers can carry the name of your business with them wherever they go. These gifts are also great for staff and colleagues, as you know they’ll be useful in the office.

Similarly, creative gifts that are not run-of-the-mill can help to set your brand apart from the competition. Corporate gifts do not necessarily always need to be only for use in the office.

Any client who plays golf, for example, will appreciate a smart new golf shirt, or a customer whom you know loves to entertain will appreciate an item for the home. These gifts may not be used each day, but when your clients use them, it will be in association with some of their favourite activities or pastimes.


According to the Promotional Product Professionals of South Africa, a recent survey concluded that 79% of respondents said that, upon receiving a corporate gift, they are more likely to do business with a company. Now that is true return on investment!


Corporate Gifts | Corporate Gifts Johannesburg | Ambella Corporate Gifts