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Promotional Caps and Headwear

Promotional Clothing | Promotional Caps | Ambella

    • If one piece of corporate apparel is sure to be noticed, it is headgear. Corporate gift caps, peaks and beanies are usually the first item big brands target when sponsoring major sports personalities, and the reason for this is that it is usually the first item of clothing to be noticed.

      In the hot South African climate, corporate gift caps are not only useful, but often necessary clothing items, shielding us from the harsh sunlight and ultra violet rays. Their popularity makes them perfect for branding purposes. 

    • Promotional Clothing | Promotional Caps | Ambella

    • Promotional Clothing | Promotional Caps | Ambella
    • Ambella offers an excellent range of branded headwear in adjustable sizes.  Our caps come in a wide range of colours and designs, perfect for team sports, fund-raising events and social functions. Making excellent promotional gift items, our branded corporate gift caps could also offer great exposure at corporate golf days.

      Sourced from high quality manufacturers, both locally and abroad, our headwear is guaranteed to be both stylish and comfortable.

    • The longevity of caps for branding purposes is a major factor to be considered, as so many promotional items lose their charm and value over time, the usefulness of caps never wanes.

      Embroidered caps perfectly display logos without fading or looking cheap and tacky. Printed T-shirts and caps also create a togetherness when attending social functions, creating an appearance of professionalism and uniformity which in turn builds a trust and respect for the brand being promoted.

    • Promotional Clothing | Promotional Caps | Ambella