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Remote Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks | Remote Selfie Stick | Ambella Promotional Gifts

    • The latest piece of smart technology to become a worldwide phenomenon is the remote selfie stick.

      Gone are the days when social photos require the use of a designated photographer, because with the selfie stick, everybody gets to be captured in the moment.

      Pucker those lips or smile without that awkward outstretched arm getting in the way, ruining your mojo.
      Don’t stress about that stranger you asked to take a photo of you and your friends running off with your phone or camera, as you are now quite capable of taking an amazing photo yourself.

      Unsurprisingly, the selfie stick phenomenon started in Asia, before moving to the USA and now finally South Africa has been swept up in the selfie storm.

      The design of the selfie stick is as simple as its functionality.

      A telescopic rod extends out with adjustable clasps at the top that attach to any smartphone device. Selfie sticks can extend up to three or four feet, allowing for wide-angle shots from virtually any angle imaginable. Photos are taken using a self-timer or blue tooth remote which controls the camera's shutter.

    • Selfie Sticks | Remote Selfie Stick | Ambella Promotional Gifts

    • Selfie Sticks | Remote Selfie Stick | Ambella Promotional Gifts
    • With the ever improving front facing cameras on smartphones, you actually get to see yourself before taking the photo, ensuring you can strike the perfect pose every time.

      The selfie stick has taken on such fame, that Time Magazine named it one of the best inventions of 2014! Quite an honour.

      So then, after absorbing all this knowledge, there is only one question left for you to ask:

      Where can I buy a selfie stick?” The answer of where to buy a selfie stick is easy.

      Ambella has a great range of selfie sticks for either social use, or for corporate branding.

      Imagine the exposure your brand could get with hundreds of selfie sticks bearing your company logo being lifted into the air at popular events, concerts and tourist landmarks throughout the world. Being both easily portable and lots of fun, selfie sticks really do make the perfect promotional gift items