Workwear Fashion Dos and Don’ts

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Looking good at work helps you feel good and perform at your best. This is especially true if you have a more client-facing role at your company. ‘Dressing for success’ has proven to be a cliché to actually live by, as studies continuously prove the relationship between good workwear clothing and earnings.

Looking good for work is easier said than done though. A lot of people who aren’t that fashion conscious end up sending the wrong signals to other employees and clients because they simply don’t know how to get it right. So, we thought to put together some quick fashion tips for the workplace to help you look good and perform better.

Women’s Workwear Can Get Pretty Complex

When it comes to workwear for women, the rule of thumb is to be careful not to go over-the-top. This applies to everything from jewellery and perfume to more obvious things such as make-up and clothing that’s uncomfortably tight. Workwear boots and shoes aren’t supposed to be too tight-fitting either. Chances are you’ll need to move around the office a lot during the day, so if you’ve got just bought the latest designer heels, you’d best make sure they don’t hurt your feet!

Men Commit Workwear Clothing Crimes Just as Often

While it’s important to be comfortable in the workplace, it’s just as important to not be too comfortable. This is where a lot of men get it wrong. Looking casual for the workplace isn’t the same as looking casual at the mall. Even if you work somewhere where there’s a flexible clothing policy, showing up unshaven, in that tomato-sauce-stained shirt you forgot to wash probably isn’t the best representation for your company and culture.

Showing Too Much Skin

You’ve probably had that feeling, where you feel like you’re not sure if that particular shirt or dress is too short for work. If you even have to think twice about it, that’s probably a good sign to find something else to wear. Unless you work in a more trend-conscious industry, showing cleavage or tattoos will be looked down upon.

Whether you get your workwear online or at a workwear store, there’s a clear benefit to know to pick just the right look. Always make sure you project an image that is a good representation of what your company is about.


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