The purpose of corporate clothing goes much further than simply providing your employees with clothes to wear each day. Yes, you want uniformity, and that is a good thing. But, corporate wear also serves to represent the ideals of your brand. And, as such, you want it to empower your employees. You want your staff’s uniforms to be such a pleasure to wear that they endow your employees with noticeable confidence.

With this in mind, you can’t simply choose any clothing and expect it to accomplish this task. If you want your corporate clothing to be successful, you need to consider the following factors.

Corporate Clothing South Africa: Key Factors of Corporate Wear

As corporate clothing suppliers Johannesburg loves, we have plenty of experience when it comes to kitting companies out. And, over the years, we have found these to be the most important factors of corporate wear:

1.Brand Ethos

Your corporate wear needs to match your company’s image. If not, it doesn’t tie into your brand’s message. So, for starters, choose colours that are central to your brand. This isn’t to say that you have to make collared shirts out of your logo’s bright colours, but the colour scheme should make sense when considering your company’s general image.

The same goes for the type of clothing that you choose. You need to match the clothing to the image you want to portray. Polo shirts, for example, might not suit the formal nature of your company. Or, if you want your company to be seen as casual and arty, clothing that is too formal will work against this image.

2. Comfort

Choose clothing that suits the type of work that your employees do. Collared shirts and ties are fine for office work, for example, but not practical if your employees move constantly between sites and do physical work. Let practicality feature in your decision.

3. Style

Having clothing that is in line with fashion trends definitely helps boost employee confidence. And more confident employees make your brand seem much more credible. So, give some thought to current fashion and choose clothing that is along these lines.

4. Material

There’s little point choosing clothes that match the job if they are going to be irritating to wear. So, in addition to choosing clothing styles that are comfortable for your employees, choose fabrics that feel good to wear.

Corporate Clothing Suppliers Johannesburg

You may think that finding a clothing supplier that meets all of these criteria is a difficult task, but you’ve already found one! Our clothing is comfortable, stylish, and high-quality, and we can make it in the colours that best suit your company. So, for ideal corporate wear, contact Ambella – corporate clothing South Africa trusts.

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