Are Golf Shirts the Ultimate Promotional Clothing?

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Let’s face it, golf shirts have become one of the most versatile clothing items of our time. Whether you’re attending a tennis match, lunch on a yacht, or a casual meeting, a golf shirt will suffice perfectly. This is precisely why golf shirts are the ultimate clothing items for promotional clothing and gifts.

Ask any promotional clothing company and they will probably tell you that golf shirts are among their biggest sellers. As leading promotional clothing suppliers, we can certainly vouch for the universal appeal of the golf shirt.

But, what makes golf shirts the perfect items for promotional clothing? As a successful promotional clothing company, we’re qualified enough to answer that burning question.

How Golf Shirts Became So Popular with Promotional Clothing Suppliers

As we’ve established, golf shirts have long been a staple when it comes to promotional clothing and gifts, but when did this originate, and why?

The exact moment they first came into being is hotly disputed. Some link the inception of the golf shirt with the excess of the roaring ‘20s, while others say that it was long before that. But, whatever the case, none can argue that golf shirts were being worn as fashion items by the ‘50s.

By the time the teenagers of that era had ditched their leather jackets and grown up, there was a fierce battle between Ralph Lauren and Lacoste for king of the golf shirt market. This meant that those same teenagers were still wearing their trusty golf shirts – albeit with designer logos now attached, which gave them a more sophisticated air.

As offices demanded less formal working attire, golf shirts became the perfect clothing item for workwear. They were the perfect blend of smart and casual, which meant they quickly caught on as uniforms in retail environments and as corporate uniforms.

This is when companies really began to pay attention to golf shirts. They realised that they could have their employees looking presentable, and, through the magic of branding, emblazon their logos tastefully on these golf shirts to create a classy uniformity in their ranks.

Today, so long as the environment doesn’t call for a collar and tie, you can be sure that a golf shirt will fit in perfectly. This is, in a nutshell, the reason why golf shirts have been a favourite of promotional clothing suppliers for years.

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