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Just a few short decades ago, a large number of jobs required suits and ties of men and equally smart attire of ladies. But, a lot has changed over the past few years and we have seen golf shirts become acceptable attire for various work situations (which is why we get so many order on our golf shirts for sale). But, just because golf shirts are more commonplace in offices nowadays, doesn’t mean that they are perfect for all occasions.


Interviews and board meetings might still require smarter clothing, but golf shirts are perfect for a variety of situations, some of which we’ll discuss now.


When Should You Wear a Golf Shirt for Work?


  1. When Casual Is Appropriate

As mentioned above, certain work situations (such as interviews, meetings, presentations, etc.) might require smarter dress-codes. However, if your office’s day to day running does not require formal clothing, yet you don’t want a t-shirt and jeans precedent set, golf shirts are an ideal compromise. Worn with smarter pants or skirts, golf shirts make for comfortable daily workwear that still keeps the tone of the office above outright casual.


  1. At Promotions

If you plan an outdoors promotion or have a stand at an exhibition, you don’t need your employees dressed to the nines. Golf shirts are accepted, and generally expected, at these types of events, so you can be sure that your staff will be comfortable and your company will be well represented with some tastefully branded golf shirts.


  1. At Retreats

If you want to introduce uniforms for a sense of team building at a corporate retreat, and yet don’t want to compromise your company’s image, golf shirts are the perfect garments. They are cool and comfortable, but still convey a sense of corporate elegance, which is desirable when your employees are out in public.


  1. When Golfing

This might be an obvious statement, but it is often overlooked. Golfing meetings represent an excellent opportunity for wearing company branded golf shirts. These help make your company or brand more memorable for your clients or golfing partners, and they make the physical aspect of the sport much more comfortable.


Golf Shirts for Sale


Golf shirts are excellent for a great many more situations than we have described here. If you see them fitting into your company well, be sure to order some high quality branded golf shirts from us right away.

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