Is your company treating some of its special clients and staff to a trip to the upcoming Rugby World Cup? Great! Then you need some Ambella rugby corporate wear.Why?Because any rugby match is made infinitely more enjoyable when wearing rugby apparel.This, of course, applies to the fans and not the players, although wearing rugby apparel to play isn’t a bad idea either.

In any case, everyone watching the game – live or on TV – or even walking past the stadium should be contacting their trusty rugby apparel suppliers.And, on this subject, we have some very good reasoning.So, to clear everything right up, here is why you should kit your clients and staff out in rugby corporate wear:

Solidarity and Pride

Wearing rugby apparel to a match makes you feel as if you are part of the team.The outcome of the game becomes much more important because you are sharing the playing experience with the guys on the field.You feel immense pride if the team wins, since you’ve been a part of the game all along.If the team loses, you all help cushion the blow by staying close and staying strong.Plus, the good quality of Ambella rugby corporate wear is excellent for absorbing your tears.

Some Tips on Wearing Springbok Gear

  • Knowing when to tuck: With the woven Springbok long-sleeves, feel free to tuck… for everything else, let them blow free below your waistline.
  • When to wear them: The games are a given.Other than that; pubs, cafes, barbecues, shopping excursions… all fine.For black tie events, maybe keep the spirit alive by keeping your rugby corporate wear hidden under your formal wear.
  • Keep it current: Wearing a vintage Chester Williams jersey is cool, but a John Smit 2011 jersey just looks outdated.Make sure you get the latest Springbok gear from your favourite rugby apparel suppliers before making the trip to the RWC (or the local pub to watch the games).
  • Don’t wear the full kit: Wearing the jersey shows you are full of team spirit, while wearing the jersey, shorts, socks, and gum-guard while sitting in the stands makes you look like the schoolboy who showed up for the game but was only asked to hand out orange slices at half-time.

So, there you have it, the reason why you should kit your staff and clients out with rugby corporate wear, and some for those lucky people to keep in mind when wearing it all.However, and from wherever, you decide to enjoy the Rugby World Cup, be sure you show your support by wearing the famous green and gold.

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