A corporate gift is a gesture that shows your appreciation of a client and strengthens your company’s relationship with that client, but it can also be a very powerful marketing tool. For this reason, you may want to give corporate gifts out the whole year ‘round, but you need to be careful as improperly-timed gifts can send the wrong message.


If you are in the process of securing a new client or are undergoing contract talks, your gift could be seen as a bribe, which could harm your relationship rather than strengthen it. So, how do you avoid this? The trick is to pick the right occasions.


You may think that this would limit you to just a few opportunities per year. But, in truth, there are numerous occasions which you can use as gifting opportunities.  Here are just a few:


Perfect Occasions for Corporate Gift Giving


  1. Holidays

The holidays at the end of the year present a great opportunity to give gifts, but you don’t have to wait for those to roll around. There are other public holidays and notable days throughout the year that you could commemorate with gifts. You could, for example, send a client a gift for Workers’ Day or Boss’s Day, provided it seems appropriate.


  1. Following an Achievement

If a client has done something notable in his or her field, it is acceptable to send a congratulatory gift. Just be sure that the achievement is significant enough to warrant a gift. Actions that are simply part of daily business processes aren’t necessarily impressive enough to be worthy of gifts, so any gifts that you send might be seen as inappropriate.


  1. On the Anniversary of Your Business Relationship

If you want to send a client a gift to strengthen your professional relationship, but there aren’t any notable holidays on the horizon, you could check to see if your professional anniversary is close. This is essentially just the date that you began working together, and it is always a nice gesture to express your appreciation of that client with a significant gift.


  1. Congratulating a Personal Event

If your relationship with your client has progressed to the point where you discuss acceptable aspects of your personal lives, you can send gifts to offer congratulations for personal events. These can be events like weddings, birthdays, or perhaps work promotions.


Where to Find the Perfect Corporate Gift


Knowing when to give a gift is the hardest part. But, now that you have cracked that one, it’s just a case of finding the perfect gift for the occasion.  Fortunately, this is decidedly easier with our extensive catalogue of corporate gifts.


So, if you think it’s a good time to show your clients some appreciation, be sure to contact Ambella today!

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