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Ambella Corporate started off in 2009 while inspiring brand solutions that go above and beyond expectation as a result in established Corporation  that has grown from strength to strength therefor broadening its scope of expertise to event and display signage, also as corporate event management.

Furthermore we understand that a company’s brand is one of its most valuable assets and that the printed representation and growth of that brand is paramount to the success of the company.   Ambella develops marketing solutions that are scalable and adaptable to an extensive range of diverse industries as a result – perfect for companies of all sizes, ambitions and market types.  Our Team pursue perfection, sophistication and innovation in our approach. Ambella Corporate is committed to unboxing your ideas therefor leaving a footprint that tells your story and adds value to your brand. Above all Ambella’s key to success is driven by a proven track record of excellent service consequently still embracing the core values of integrity and quality. Even more we understand that your time is important and we will stop at nothing to ensure we exceed your expectations


Ambella Corporate – Keeping Your Brand On The Move…

Brand Conceptualization

Great concept adds to brand Ethos– adding value, creating engagement and provoking an emotional response.

Finally! In today’s highly competitive marketplace, concept and strategy define the success of any brand. 

First of all we know that emotions govern the behaviors of the way people interact and react with brands hence the reason we know consumers respond more positively to brands who know how to connect with them, in ways that matter. Our team understands that each brand has a unique story to tell, and our job is to ensure that those stories create sustained impact and value. By using the right vehicle to deliver the right message to the right audiences, we tell this story, creatively time and time again.

Through a consultative yet hands-on approach, Ambella certainly works on birthing effective concepts aimed towards enhancing awareness even more, elevating brand equity, with a competitive edge. Our experience in the field allows us to be dynamic in our approach and more importantly, ensures that we are catering to the individual needs of our clients.

We are probably one of the only Companies that have all the resources required to inspire ideas, consequently focusing on perfect solutions and executing our brand concepts impeccably.



Event Management

An event is a reflection of your brand and an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impact on your audience.

Our innovative approach engages clients and their audiences, no matter what their requirements are. working as an extension of your marketing and communications teams will result in a collaborative approach that delivers your project vision, from concept to execution. We are hands-on from start to finish!  Our main focus is to ensure and guarantee results.

All aspects relating to the event planning and execution of your event is managed with precision, punctuality and creative savvy ensuring that each detail is polished and professional creating the magic that defines a world class event. With our professional expertise, creative ingenuity and friendly approach, we will create not only a spectacular event but also a memorable experience.


Event Conceptualisation

Communication Management

Venue Sourcing

Sound and Lighting Design

Hiring | Employment

Decor and Styling


Content Production

Marketing Collateral Management

RSVP Management

Talent Booking & Management

Logistics / Transportation

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